Love Gets Better Together

Take Your Life From Mundane to Magical

A 3-month Group Coaching Program to guide you into Healthy Loving Relationships

Do you feel like...

giving up is the only way to stop the pain?

No matter what you do, its not enough. You give your all to everyone in your life, but feel like you get little in return. You lose your sense of self, being focused on trying to please everyone.

you are completely alone in the world?

Regardless of who you are with, you feel misunderstood and isolated. You can't share your true feelings because you are afraid of hurting their feelings or even losing the relationship.

the hurts of your past are dictating your life??

Our cutting edge understanding of trauma tells us that the bad things that we have experienced continue to create trauma in our relationships.  Every argument is a trauma, every dismissal is an attachment wound.

you are worrying or anxious all the time?

No matter how much they tell you they love you, you don't feel it. You fear that your partner is cheating or planning to leave. You constantly walk on eggshells waiting for the "other shoe" to drop.

What if you could…

  • Take charge of your relationships instead of letting them happen to you.

  • Know exactly why you keep repeating the same mistakes in all your relationships.

  • Wake up every morning loving yourself, your loved ones and excited to face the day.

  • Show up with passion and confidence in all you do and KNOW that "True Love" is your Divine right.

  • Be fully connected with your Authentic Self and know who you are.

  • Develop new skills to feel steady inside despite life’s turmoil.


The research is clear…

  • Having healthy fulfilling relationships leads to a life of joy and abundance.

  • Healing trauma does not require reliving it but having the skills to handle triggers.

  • The power of group coaching, coupled with individualized care will catapult you to the results you DESIRE in all your relationships!

  •  This program is for Spiritually-led people (single or coupled) who are fully committed to healing themselves and all the relationships in their lives. If you find that relying 100% on the rational way to do things is getting you burned out, not fulfilled, and something greater is calling you and you desire to create BIG CHANGE, LOVE, and BLISS then this is for you!


Our Signature Program will guide you Step-by-Step into Healthy Loving Relationships.



Love Gets Better Together

3-month Group Coaching Program

Program Includes:

* Curriculum designed to take you step by step to Creating Loving Relationships in your life.

* Weekly Group Meetings on Zoom.

* Private Facebook Group to practice your skills and get support from your Cohort and Coaches. 

* Somatic Interventions for your trauma recovery.

* Light Language group sessions.

*Meditations with sound healing.

* BreathWork.

Added Bonuses:

* (2) One on One sessions with Jennifer and Stephanie.

* (1) Comprehensive Natal Chart Reading and Coaching with Danny.

*Reiki Energy Healing

* Email or Messenger access to your coaches!

* Discounts on additional Individual or Couples Sessions.

* Radical results!

* And so much more...


Your Coaching Team

Jennifer & Stephanie PageWise

We are Quantum Relationship Coaches that help YOU find Love and Bliss in all your relationships.
We will guide you to explore the barriers to true intimacy and find solutions with excitement, curiosity and a sense of wonder and adventure! We hope you come join us on this magical adventure!

Jennifer’s experience includes 2 degrees in psychology and she is currently working towards her PhD in Metaphysical Holistic Counseling. She is also a Metaphysical Minister and can perform your wedding nuptials. Jennifer is also an aromatherapist and a Reiki Master.

Stephanie has a Master’s degree in social work and has been working as a therapist for many years. She has worked with trauma survivors, people struggling grief, addiction and eatign disorders as well as most mental health issues. She is also a reiki master and is a wonderful meditation and sound healing leader.

They both have been teaching spiritual classes and leading people to find their best lives for many years. They found that healing trauma through somatic techniques are powerful and rapid solutions to lifelong struggles with intimacy. They love to talk with people, hear their stories and help them find their Authentic Self, guiding them to the Life of their Dreams!

Danny Moon Dudley

A spiritual entrepreneur in multiple industries for the past 25 years. As an intuitive channeler and medium with a specialty in working with Light Language and Astrology, she aids people in exploring supplemental modalities for recovery. She is the creator of The Eclectic Mystic’s Toolbox, a place where EQ meets magic. Danny is a certified Priestess, Crystal Healer, and QHHT intern. Danny has been a personal coach for seven years-offering breakthroughs to people in recovery from childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse, mental health crisis, and addiction. Her channeled intuitive sessions are informative, fun, and full of sustainable epiphanies.

What others are saying about Enchanted Awakenings:

"During their coaching I have learned the areas in past and current relationships where I need to strengthen and focus on.

"I have begun implementing mindfulness practices at least once daily and learning to be more self-aware. I have learned how I need to set boundaries for myself and others as well as being more limited or selective with where and who I expend energy. And I have learned I need to be less codependent. They are so amazing! Thank you so much."

-Rey T

"Thank you so much, Danny, you're awesome!"

"Hey!!! Anyone who is looking for a bomb ass astrologer to do an in-depth birth chart reading, I just had my session with Danny and she is amazing!  She knows her stuff and her intuitive input has seriously resonated with me. I truly needed the valication and everything she explained to me has hit home and I have a better understanding for what the future brings and what I am capable of."

-Kristina S

"Wow! I’ve learned so much!

I want to thank Stephanie and Jennifer for really making a difference in my life and the lives of others. The work they are doing is truly amazing and needed. I think one thing that I learned from them, that I have implemented in my life, is recognizing and healing from the barriers of love in my life of grief, trauma, and shame and the importance of giving myself love and forgiveness, and being gentle and kind to myself. I am more aware of my conditioned self and my authentic self and how to stay in my authentic self. I am loved, loving, and loveable, forevermore." 

-Taya L

Enchanted Awakenings Quantum Relationship Coaching

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