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Quantum Relationship Coaching and Wedding Services for the LGBTQ+  and allies

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We help YOU find true LOVE.


Spiritually-based Transformational Relationship Coaching and Wedding Services for LGBT+ to help YOU find Love and Bliss in all your relationships.

We will guide you to explore your barriers to true intimacy and find solutions with excitement, curiosity and a sense of wonder and adventure!


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"Wow! I’ve learned so much..I want to thank Stephanie and Jennifer for really making a difference in my life and the lives of others. The work they are doing is truly amazing and needed. I think one thing that I learned [from the workshop] that I have implemented in my life is recognizing and healing from the barriers of love in my life of grief, trauma, and shame and the importance of giving myself love and forgiveness, and being gentle and kind to myself. I am more aware of my conditioned self and my authentic self and how to stay in my authentic self. I am so happy to have found Enchanted Awakenings and this group of like-minded souls. I am experiencing a transformation in my life, growing out of my old ways, and becoming healthier and full of love. There has been a lot of pain and shame but I am ready to let go of that and let light and love in. Thank you for reaffirming my strength and capability I have to do this. I am loved, loving, and loveable, forevermore. Thank you... "

Taya L.

About Us

Jennifer and Stephanie live in Toledo, Ohio with their teenage son, dog Riley and cats Micah and Lily. They live a life centered in Spirit, continuous self-care and self-love, living with purpose, practicing healthy living and using many well-rounded practices for mind, body, and spirit to Live the Good Life. They use Heart-Centered Intuition, Spiritual Practices, and Life Coaching Skills to help you map your way to Loving Relationships in all areas of your life.

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